Top 10 Technologies in The World

Top 10 Technologies in The World

Top 10 Tech This Week 26th April 2013. It was another exciting week in tech. If you missed it, worry not — that’s why we’re here with our Top 10 Tech. This week had a bit of everything, from an exciting new technology for long-distance lovers, to NASA launching smartphones in space.

Samsung Galaxy S 4

Samsung Galaxy S 4: Best Android Phone Ever Samsung’s Galaxy S III was one of the most successful Android smartphones of all time, but is the Galaxy S 4 a worthy successor.
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Cellphones Into Space

NASA Fires Cellphones Into Space
NASA this week took a handful of cheap but powerful smartphones, slapped them to a gigantic rocket and blasted them into low-earth orbit to see how they’d fare.

Braille Smartphone

World’s First “Braille Smartphone” in Development
Smartphones are tough to use for those with visual impariments, and while apps like Siri and SayText do offer a good deal of assistance, 2011 TED Fellow Sumit Dagar had an idea for a more effective solution: a smartphone that’s specifically designed for people who have trouble seeing.

3D Street Art

Augmented Reality Brings 3D Street Art to Life:
Artist Leon Keer has worked on a large number of 3D street paintings that have to be viewed from an exact vantage point. Now, Keer is looking for ways to create a bigger visual impact for the spectators and add information, with augmented reality.


A Touchscreen You Can Pinch, Poke and Stretch
There are touchscreen displays and 3D displays, but now there’s one that combines the two: a flexible screen that users can pinch, poke and stretch.

Lettrs App

Lettrs App Lets You Send Snail Mail From Your iPhone
After providing an inventive cloud-based platform to send both paper and digital letters around the world, tech startup lettrs launched its first mobile app for the iPhone.

Chevy Spark EV

Chevy Spark EV is World’s Most Efficient Electric Car, Says GM
The upcoming Spark EV is the most efficient production electric vehicle in the world, according to GM, which says that the Spark EV’s EPA mileage stats for combined city and highway driving — measured at the equivalent of 119 miles per gallon.


Fundawear, the Touching Underwear that Brings Distant Lovers Closer
Put on a pair of these magic underpants called Fundawear, a clever combination of a smartphone app and tiny vibrating motors sewn into female and male underwear, and you’ll be able to feel your lover’s touch from anywhere on the planet.

Volkswagen Teams Up With Apple on iBeetle

Volkswagen Teams Up With Apple on iBeetle
The German car manufacturer announced on Monday at the Shanghai Auto Show it’s partnering with Apple for the launch of the iBeetle Coup and iBeetle Convertible, two vehicles which fully integrate with the iPhone.

Google Glass Competitor

Google Glass Competitor “Telepathy” Aims to Get to Market First Tokyo-based entrepreneur Takahito Iguchi, pictured above, has created a wearable computing device called Telepathy One and — with a built-in camera, a micro-projection screen and a sleek, wraparound design — the gadget looks to be a cheaper alternative to Google’s upcoming Glass.

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