Future Concepts Fan-Made Apple Product

Future Concepts Fan-Made Apple Product

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Future Concepts Fan-Made Apple Product
Future Concepts Fan-Made Apple Product

Anyone who uses a dual-screen setup will appreciate this idea. You could multitask like mad while the extra wide touch-pad would offer even more gesture controls.

2. iShow

This portable projector would be the perfect companion for your iPhone, letting you share content with others wherever you are.

3. iPod Slide

As the name suggests, the iPod Slide offers a slide-out touchscreen display as well as exterior controls for easy media playback when you’re on the go.

4. MacBook Touch

The Mac-book Touch is not a dual-screen laptop, it’s a fordable OLED touchscreen device that offers some serious screen real estate when open.

5. iRing

The iRing concept gives you remote Bluetooth control of your iDevice. Twisting the ring would adjust the volume, while buttons would play, pause and skip.

6. MagicBook

This futuristic design sees the keyboard disappear at the touch of a button to be replaced with a giant magic track-pad.

7. GameDock

Apple hasn’t had much luck in the gaming console department, but it has seen amazing success with gaming on its iOS devices. This great idea docks your iDevice, hooks it up to a big screen and adds some controllers and a hefty chunk of hard drive for saving your gaming progress.

8. Docking Storage

For the ultimate Apple fan, this Docking Storage would make your monitor the center of your iWorld with three docking options for your entire collection of Apple gadgets. Tidy.

9. OS Calculator

This fun design offers the Mac OS’s calculator recreated in real life.

10 iPhone Color

No great tech advancements here, but a splash of official color for the iPhone and iPod touch wouldn’t go unappreciated. How about it, Apple?

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