Don’t wish ‘Merry Christmas’ says Isma

Don’t wish ‘Merry Christmas’ says Isma

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 23, 2014:

With Christmas looming this Thursday, Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) has once again stirred up controversy by saying Malays should not wish Christians “Merry Christmas” and celebrate along with them.

According to Isma activist Abu Ameen in his commentary, while it was natural for Muslims to show kindness to their fellow neighbours as part of Allah’s commandments, the community should also ask themselves whether this gesture is permissible under Islam.

“Especially at this time and age, Muslims should not be singled out as being unfriendly or not part of the community.
Improper for Muslims to wish Christians

While Isma respected the rights of the Christians to celebrate Christmas in the country, Abu said the explanation provided by Sheikh Muhammad Salih elucidated clearly why it was not proper for a Muslim to celebrate or wish Christians “Merry Christmas”.

“They (The Christians) have the right to believe what they want to believe and to celebrate what they want to celebrate but it is also equally important for them to respect our right not to celebrate or wish them accordingly.

Abu also suggested that Muslims should actually conduct da’wah (preaching) during Christmas time.

“As Muslims, our actions throughout the year, not just at Christmas time, should show how good Muslims behave and how we are faithful to our belief and dedicate all things to the Mercy of Almighty Allah.

“In a world which has lost all sense of God and has turned to alcohol and consumerism to drown its sorrows, we as Muslims can show there is a better way of life for all mankind to experience peace — not by kissing under the mistletoe or visiting Santa, but instead by embracing Islam,” he said.

Citing a post by Eddie on his Facebook page for The Deen Show stating that “Christmas is a celebration of the birth of God or God’s son”, Abu said that Muslims do not believe that God had a birth date or that God had a son because the Quran and the Bible rejected this.

“Bible says ‘God is not a man’ and ‘God is not the son of man’.

“While the Holy Quran says, ‘Say, He is God the uniquely One! God, the Eternal, Absolute! He neither begets nor is born, and there is none like unto Him – He is Uniquely One!’ ,” he quotes.


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