10 Best fitness tracker “Top Band 2015”

10 Best fitness tracker "Top Band 2015"

1-Jawbone UP3

Built on an ‘advanced multi sensor platform’, the latest addition to Jawbone’s family of fitness trackers features a newly designed tri-axis accelerometer, bioimpedance sensors, plus skin and ambient temperature sensors. But what do they all mean? Well, Jawbone says that they can measure your resting heart rate, perspiration, BMI and hydration, some of which we haven’t seen in a fitness band yet. The UP 3 should also be much better at auto-tracking your activity, while the sleep tracking tech has also seen a big improvement. Along with telling you if you were in a deep, light or REM sleep, it’ll also give you handy tips on how to improve your slumber. Unlike the Fitbit Charge, there’s no display, so you’ll have to check the iOS or Android apps for detailed stats, but you will get a week of charge and it’s water resistant to 10m.

2-Jawbone UP Move

Nope, that’s not a re-designed Misfit Flash your gazing upon, but in-fact Jawbone’s first attempt at a bargain fitness band. Coming it at just £39.99, this is one of cheapest fitness accessories we’ve seen so far, yet it still packs some essential features. It’s made from an anodised aluminium material, will be available in five colours and just like the Flash, boasts a ring of LEDs around the face to give you a quick readout of your progress. Just like the previous Jawbone bands, it uses MotionX tech to track your steps and sleep, beaming the results to the great mobile companion app.

3-Fitbit Surge

Looking a lot more like a smartwatch than your typical fitness band from Fitbit, the Surge has from a rubber strap and a stainless steel buckle, plus a 1.25-inch monochrome LCD touchscreen display. Headlining the Surge is the 24/7 optical heart rate sensor, that’ll keep an eye on your blood and give you accurate readings when you’re working out. There’s also onboard GPS, a must for runners, that gives you much better run tracking and results. Like the majority of fitness bands you’ll have access to some strong sleep tracking features, plus this is done automatically, so you won’t have to manually set it into a sleep mode before you hit the hay. You’ll also be able to beam smartphone notifications from your phone and even switch your music, which is a nice addition.

4-Fitbit Charge and Charge HR

The long awaited update to the Flex, the Charge and Charge HR are the new flagship fitness bands from Fitbit and they feature some nifty updates. The biggest change is noticeable straight away and that’s the new OLED display, which shows the current time, along with a quick read out of your daily stats and, taking a page from a smartwatch, incoming calls to your connected smartphone. While there’s no GPS on board, it does boasts a load of sensors to keep a track of all your steps, sleep and the like. The HR version also packs an optical heart rate sensor, for 24/7 blood tracking. You’ll get around seven days of use from the Charge and the addition of the heart rate monitor takes the HR down to five days.

5-Microsoft Band

Powered by Microsoft’s new multi-system health platform, the imaginatively titled Band is a feature packed fitness tracker and smartwatch hybrid that’s looking to take pride of place on your wrist. It features guided workouts, with extra presets downloadable, 24 hour heart rate tracking and GPS, essential for runners who want to get accurate results, plus the ever useful sleep tracking. Smartphone notifications, like email, texts and incoming calls, will also show up on the 1.4-inch display. Cortana, the virtual assistant first introduced in Windows Phone 8.1, is also along for the ride, so you can use your voice to set reminders and make calendar appointments.

6-Misfit Flash

Coming to the market as a cheaper option to one of our favourite fitness trackers, the Misfit Shine, the Flash ditches the classy metal looks of the Shine, replacing them with a sturdy and durable plastic body. It’s little chunkier, but thanks to the improved band it feels great on the wrist and it’ll withstand more wear and tear than its smarter brother. Looks aside, both bands from Misfit are practically the same. They work with the same iOS and Android app, track steps and sleep and, thanks to the replaceable battery, last for about 6 months without running out of juice. It’s a bargain too, coming in at under £50

7-Garmin Vivosmart

A nice update to the original Garmin Vivofit, the Vivosmart takes things further with a curved OLED display that displays notifications from your phone. These alerts come with a subtle vibration and you swipe the display to get further info, it’s a nice blend of activity tracker and smartwatch. It’s waterproof, connects to the Garmin Connect app to sync your stats and it should last about a week without running out of juice

8-Epson Pulsense

The nifty feature of the Pulsense is its optical sensor, that monitors your blood pressure and lets the band track your steps and sleep. There’s also a smart alarm, waking you up at the optimum time, helping you feel better in the morning.

9-Archos Activity Tracker

French brand Archos likes to enter into as many product categories as possible, so it was only a matter of time before a smartband was on the list. Boasting a simple black look, a glanceable screen for checking the time and your current stats, the Archos Activity Tracker doesn’t look to do anything drastically different from other wearables on the market. It’ll track your sleep, steps, calories, features Bluetooth LE for beaming stats to the companion iOS and Android app and lasts for about a week on a charge.

10-Sony Smartband

Looking to offer a bit more than your average fitness tracker, the Sony SmartBand packs in a few smartwatch features too. It’ll gently vibrate when you receive a text or call, plus it works with the Sony LifeLog app to show you a detailed view of what you do in a day. This isn’t just limited to your steps, hours slept and calories burned, but also what music you listen to and what places you visit. It’s waterproof, has a smart alarm for waking you up at the right time and comes in variety of shades.

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