BMW Vision Connected Drive

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

BMW gave us a preview of its Vision Connected Drive concept a few weeks ago and it’s fair to say they are pleased with how things have gone at Geneva so far.

We’re still not exactly sure what this car is all about, for the simple reason it can do things that many of us have never thought of, let alone wondered if they were actually possible. We do know, however, that from a pure design viewpoint, the Vision ConnectedDrive is one of the better-looking roadsters you could hope to see. It is stunning. And from any angle.

As to its electronic prowess, this concept has few peers, if any. The augmented reality head-up display is one example of that, where the system will project a 3D view of what you see ahead, but with added information to assist the driver.

Another very cool example of the ConnectedDrive’s functionality is how the system can allow the passenger and driver to interact. The dash display for the driver is programmable and can work in unison with the passenger’s info display, too. For example, the passenger can program a new navigation route, or add new info to an existing route, and send any relevant data to the driver’s display.

It really is a bit of a headspin, to be honest. So, if you don’t get all the electronic trickery, then just be amazed by its pure good looks.

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