Unsolved Mysteries That Need To Be Answered in 2015

Unsolved Mysteries That Need To Be Answered in 2015

1 Sollkamsk, Russia Sinkhole:

20 meter by 30 meter sink hole at the Sollkamsk mine in Russia.

2 MH370 Vanishing:

On March 8th, Malaysian Airlines flight 370 vanished going from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The Boeing 777 was never found and all 239 people on board are presumed dead.

3 Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland:

The volcano has been erupting since August and still has not stopped.

4 Saddle Ridge Gold:

1400 Gold coins estimated to be worth $10 million dollars was was found in a Backyard in California. Similar gold coins were reported missing in 1901 from the U.S. Mint in San Francisco. Are these the same coins?

5 Celebrity Photo Hack:

In August, the accounts of high profile celebrities were hacked and photos were leaked of these celebs in compromising positions. The FBI still has not discovered who the hacker is.

6 Alien Moon:

Scientists claim they saw the first “exomoon,” the moon of an alien planet. The completely random encounter has not been proven to be true or false.

7 Twin Twisters in Pilger, Nebraska:

Twin twisters touched down in Pilger, Nebraska, killing two people and injuring upwards of 20 people. These tornadoes were reported at an EF-4 intensity with winds as high as 200 miles per hour. Scientists still don’t know how one tornado spawns another.

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