10 Best Driving Game Ever

10 Best Driving Game Ever

1. Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2 is ridiculously fun, beautiful to look at and smooth to play, so no surprises really that it’s speeding its way onto our list. Set in various locations around Europe, Horizon 2 keeps the free-driving style of the original, letting you zoom around the spectacular scenery in a load of equally detailed cars.Driveclub

2. Driveclub

Originally slated to be a PS4 launch title, Driveclub was sadly delayed, for almost a year. But, finally, the team based online racer is here in all its next-gen glory. Boasting a fairly decent selection of European cars (there’s more to come via downloadable content), multiple locations and plenty of online content, Driveclub is one of the best racing games you can buy on the PS4 right now.

3. The Crew

Ubisoft’s massively open world racing adventure had lofty ambitions. Essentially, you could explore the entire US of A, from New York to LA and everywhere inbetween, spending your time completing online challenges and story missions. The completely online game has had a rocky start, but it’s hard to deny that the scope of the landscape is impressive.

4. Need for Speed: Rivals

While it’s nearly a year old, Need for Speed: Rivals is still a very impressive racing title, packing that classic arcade style we’ve come to expect from the series. There’s a great sense of speed in Rivals, pair that with the slick next-gen presentation, massive selection of cars and a variety of online and offline challenges and you’ve got a classy package.

5. Forza 5 (2013)

As one of the leading exclusive titles for Microsoft’s Xbox One, Forza 5 has definitely earned its place here.

Forza 5 takes full advantage of Microsoft’s Xbox One controller features, giving rumble feedback to your fingertips through the triggers. Players are able to feel the engine starting and the edge of the road underneath the tyres. It’s also a real looker…

Gaming has never felt, or looked this good, putting this title in for the gold when it comes to celebrating the next generation of gaming.

6. Burnout 3: Takedown (2004)

The game that rewards players for driving recklessly, Burnout 3: Takedown introduces a new game feature that gives players bonus points for smashing up as many vehicles as possible. Hours of irresponsible fun to be had by all.

7. Grand Theft Auto 5 (2013)

It’s not strictly a driving game… But Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 had a huge impact on gaming, and land marked record-breaking sales. A massive chunk of the game involves driving, and with GTA5’s world being so expansive, it’s a good thing too… The open-world map is absolutely huge, and beautifully crafted, pushing current gen consoles to the limits.

Rockstar have also introduced a new style of multiplayer for GTA5. GTA Online works as an open world for up to 16 players to cause havoc to innocent civilians and cops. Alternatively, players can give each other endless grief until someone decides to break into the US Army base, grab a tank and show everyone who’s boss.

8. Driver: San Francisco (2011)

Driver: San Francisco, as with other games of this style, involved the standard high-octane car chases, dodgy shortcuts and law enforcement there simply to ruin the fun. Unlike others though, Driver: SF let players take control of other NPC’s cars. This was done by essentially transferring the main character’s mind into that of any other body around him. This feature added a new dimension to the game, and allowed gamers to change the course of events during chases. It also left the civilians freaking out about how they ‘suddenly blacked out.’

9. Real Racing 2 (2010)

Real Racing 2 made its name as one of the most popular driving games for a mobile platform, being released first for iOS, and Android shortly after. A fun game to play, using either accelerometer controls, or the touch-screen steering controls. Graphically, it stands as one of the best games available for mobile.

10. Formula 1 ’97 (1997)

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Formula 1 ’97, in its prime was the best selling game in the UK, proving to be a huge success. It was the first of its kind to put the player in a first person view of the cockpit, complete with dirt and flies spattered over the visor. It was also the first F1 game to feature a specific driver on the front cover, with Schumacher appearing on most editions of the game.

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