Simple Tips to Protect yourself from a heatstroke

Simple Tips to Protect yourself from a heatstroke

More than 640 people succumbed to the sweltering heat brought about by the unrelenting hot weather in Karachi and most parts of Sindh. Here are a couple of reliable tips on how you can prevent a heat stroke.

A heat stroke is a condition marked by fever and often by unconsciousness. It is caused by the failure of the body’s temperature-regulating mechanism when exposed to excessively high temperatures. The recent heat wave across Sindh has taken many lives and caused heat related injuries as well.

Keep yourself hydrated

The importance of this tip cannot be understated. Make sure that not only do you drink ample amounts of water and maintain a healthy water intake (such as 8 glasses daily) but also eat foods which contain sufficient water in them. Examples could include juicy fruits such as watermelon, grapes, mangoes or salads etc.

Watch out for the hottest parts of the day and take the necessary precautions

If you regularly venture out to run errand or random tasks during the afternoon time, avoid doing that in the current weather. It is best to stay indoors until and unless there is an emergency which requires you to go outdoors. Staying indoors (preferably in an air-conditioned environment) will ensure that the harsh weather does not cause harm.

Don’t stay in a crowded place or boxed space for long

If you’re in a place which is boxed in without any ventilation as such (an example can be a car) or an overcrowded area, get out of that place. Allow yourself to breathe and relax, since an overcrowded place increases the temperature and can have a suffocating impact.

Go for a dip!

Nothing can beat the heat like a nice, cool dip in the water! If you have access to a swimming pool, dive in! Otherwise, go for a swim in a nearby lake, pond or even better, a water park! However, make sure you fulfill all safety requirements and adhere to all safety regulations whilst swimming.

Less use of caffeine or alcohol related products

Avoid products which have a high amount of caffeine in them. These products tend to increase the general body temperature.


Accessories that protect you from the harsh sun

If you have no other alternative but to venture outside to run an errand, try to wear a hat and sunglasses. A hat is the best form of head covering which not only protects your head and scalp from the heat, but also your brows.

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