United Kingdom confirms MQM leader Tariq Mir’s statement

LONDON: UK has on Monday confirmed the statements given by Muttahida Qaumi Movement Leader Tariq Meer. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has also zbeen waiting for UK’s response and he also postponed his Karachi visit due to political reasons.

In response to the letter written by the Foreign Ministry on the allegations leveled at MQM in a BBC report, UK has confirmed the statements by MQM leader Tariq Mir. Pakistan will officially receive the letter by Tuesday.

According to sources, British officials have confirmed that Tariq Mir made such statements about Indian funding to the MQM. Government of Pakistan will act in light of the letter received from the UK. PM Nawaz also awaits the letter.

Sources told that PM Nawaz postponed his Karachi visit to examine the government measures to cater the situation that rose after the deaths due to heat wave, power crisis and the load shedding situation. PM will now visit Karachi on Wednesday.

sources told that PM wants to make further consultations before taking any decisions about Karachi and will act only after receiving the British letter.

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