3 months old child treatment costs 227.2 million rupees

3-month-old child's treatment costs doctor 227mn rupees

LAHORE: Lahore’s Consumer Court has on Monday sentenced Professor Dr. Tahir Masood to a penalty worth Rs. 227.2 million rupees for his negligence in treating a 3-month-old girl.

In a landmark decision, Lahore Consumer Court sentenced Dr. Tahir Masood to a penalty worth Rs. 227.2 million. The court decision, which is also the biggest decision in Pakistan’s history, says that because of Dr. Tahir Masood’s negligence, the father of the child had to get her liver transplanted. Syed Ali Murtaza had to get his 3-month-old daughter’s liver transplanted in London.

Court order Health Commission to act against Prof. Dr. Tahir Masood in accordance with the law. It is pertinent to mention here that Dr. Tahir Masood is employed at Children’s Hospital Lahore and is out of country these days.