Wolf Herring Fish

Wolf herring Fish:

The wolf herrings are a family (Chirocentridae) of two marine species of ray-finned fish related to the herrings. Both species have elongated bodies and jaws with long sharp teeth that facilitate their ravenous appetites, mostly for other fish. Both species reach a length of 1 m (average length about 1.5 m [5 feet]). They have silvery sides and bluish backs. It is exclusively marine in habitat, occurring in the Indian Ocean and in the western Pacific to Japan and eastern Australia. They are commercially fished, and marketed fresh or frozen.

wolf herring

Wolf herring

Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Clupeiformes
Family: Chirocentridae
Genus: Chirocentrus

Wolf herring Fish call in other languages:

Languages Fish Name
Azerbaijani Kilqarınlar
Cebuano Chirocentrus
German Wolfsheringe
Spanish Chirocentridae
Basque Chirocentrus
Persian خاروماهیان
Korean 물멸속
Italian Chirocentridae
Lithuanian Vilkasilkinės
Hungarian Farkasheringfélék
Dutch Chirocentrus
Polish Chirocentrus
Portuguese Chirocentridae
Finnish Susisillit
Swedish Vargsillfiskar
Thai วงศ์ปลาดาบลาว
Ukrainian Дорабові
Vietnamese Họ Cá lanh
Waray Chirocentrus
Chinese 宝刀鱼属