Common Swift flies for 10 months on end without ever landing

MIAMI: A small, dark-feathered bird known as the common swift flies for 10 months on end without ever landing, the longest time spent aloft of any known bird, scientists said Thursday.   The findings in the US journal Current Biology confirmed a 46-year-old hypothesis, first offered by British researcher Ron Lockley, that these birds spend […]

The Beautiful Bird Indian Rollers

Indian Rollers

The Indian roller is brilliantly colored having bright green feathers on its body and reddish purple feather on the wing. The top of his head is also brilliantly colored. It is about the size of a pigeon and it is called roller, because at times when flying in the air it will tumble and roll […]

Most Beautiful Birds On Earth

Most Beautiful Birds On Earth

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The Knysna Loerie

The Knysna Loerie

General habits: The Knysna Lourie, or Knysna Turaco, is usually seen flying between forest trees, or hopping with agility along branches. Turacos are social, moving in small, noisy flocks. Feeding habits: It feeds mainly on fruits and berries, with seeds, leaves, insects, and earthworms making up the rest of its diet. [images cols=”three” lightbox=”true”] [image […]

Beautiful Birds of Paradise

Beautiful Birds Around The World

Birds are feathered, winged, two-legged, warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrates. Aves ranks as the tetrapod class with the most living species, approximately ten thousand. [images cols=”three” lightbox=”true”] [image link=”3027″ image=”3027″] [image link=”2568″ image=”2568″] [image link=”2362″ image=”2362″] [image link=”1960″ image=”1960″] [image link=”1088″ image=”1088″] [image link=”1089″ image=”1089″] [image link=”1090″ image=”1090″] [image link=”1092″ image=”1092″] [image link=”1093″ image=”1093″] [image link=”1931″ image=”1931″] […]