8- Prevalence of Satellite Channels

Today, there are no less than 13,000 satellite channels [being beamed from] space [to homes around the world] and area source of trial and tribulation. A general reference was made to tribulation in the Hadeeth quoted above, “Hasten to perform good deeds before the emergence of turmoil like pieces of black night” There is also […]

4- Disappearance of the Noble Companions

The Companions of Allah’s Messenger are the best, after the Prophet, from this Ummah. According to the Hadeeth of Abu Moosa the Prophet said, “The stars are a source of security for the sky and when the stars disappear, there will come to the sky what is promised. I am a source of security for […]

List of the Minor signs

 (i)                Signs which have already  occurred The sending of our Prophet Muhammad The death of our Prophet Muhammad The splitting of the moon Disappearance of the noble Companions (may Allah be pleased with them) Conquest of Jerusalem Widespread death like murrain of sheep Prevalence of turmoil (Fitnah)of all kinds Prevalence of satellite channels The Prophet’s […]